PRESS RELEASE: Caroline Parent to Create New Dover Art Project

August 10, 2022


SUBJECT: New Dover Art Project

CONTACT: Caroline Parent

PHONE: (603) 740-2900

Caroline Parent to Create New Dover Art Project

DOVER, NH—Caroline Parent, a fused-glass artist based in Dover NH, has been contracted to create a public art display as part of the renovation of the former Strafford County Court House in Dover, NH. The renovation is being done by Chinburg Properties of Newmarket, NH, who also have rehabilitated Dover’s Cocheco and Washington Street Mills, as well as many other local historic buildings, into successful live/work properties.

Parent’s art will be a free-standing luminous totem, measuring 88 inches tall and 18 inches wide. The colorful totem will have an anodized aluminum frame and cement and steel base that can easily withstand the elements. Fused glass panels, which will be illuminated at night, will depict a natural theme. In keeping with Chinburg Properties’ commitment to repurposing structures, Parent also works with repurposed materials, in this case using recycled plastic and some recycled glass in her work. The totem will sit among a garden of native plants to the right of the building entrance.

“Caroline Parent’s fused glass totem will provide a compelling and colorful complement at this building’s entry space,” said Eric Chinburg. “The piece will draw attention and conversation and add an interesting artistic element. We are really pleased to have her work featured as part of the project.”

“My intention is that the totem will provide beauty and serenity to not only the tenants of the courthouse property but also to passersby, who will be able to see the garden,” says Parent. “It will be a mini art destination to celebrate renewal and the warmth of community. Art has a soothing quality and it brings people joy to unexpectedly find little pockets of art around the city. I appreciate Eric Chinburg’s vision to revitalize this wonderful property and add this artwork for all to enjoy.”

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