Sconces/Custom Lighting

Sconces are a great way to complement a space with accent lighting and a creative visual interest.

Our lighting designs range in size from small sconces to freestanding luminaries, and large wall panels. Various framing and mounting options are available.

Sconces can be stunning as stand-alone pieces or as part of a collage. They are a functional and beautiful way to bring the colors, textures, and peace of nature to conference areas and smaller, personal spaces.

  • Sconces can be custom designed for your space, or chosen from our gallery currently available for sale or lease (please inquire for options and availability)
  • Surface mounted designs range in size from small fixtures to large wall panels

  • Wide selection of options for framing, mounting, wiring, lighting, and color temperatures available to complement an environment or promote a desired effect
  • Dramatic, personalized lighting products function as both fine art and accent lighting to support natural circadian rhythm and improve sense of well-being in personal space, public facility, and sanctuary spaces

Decorative and Functional

Whether designed to be backlit or use ambient light, sconces are a functional way to bring both art and accent lighting into your space.

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