Wall Panels

Our fused glass wall panels can function as stand-alone designs, multi-panel pieces or extensive murals.

Wall panel installations make engaging and inspiring recognition or legacy displays to showcase and honor individuals and contributions that are important to your organization—a dramatic way to express donor recognition, corporate achievement, memorial, tribute, or acknowledgement for healthcare heroes and essential workers.

Each work of art is unique and custom designed to complement the context and ambiance of a space. Like all of our art, wall panels can use ambient light or be fitted for LED backlighting with dimming capability.

  • Fused glass, non-illuminated panels can be custom designed or selected from our existing library with several options available for framing, mounting and installation (samples available upon request, please inquire for available options)
  • Various sizes ranging from single and multi-panel pieces to extensive murals are available

  • Our designs can be fitted for LED backlighting with dimming capability
  • Engaging, effective, and inspiring legacy or recognition displays
  • Custom, high-impact art displays for key destinations at your facility

Site-specific designs complement the context and ambiance of your space

Each project is designed specifically for the chosen environment, and speaks to the audience or purpose you want to achieve.

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