The Eye Feast Art LLC Story

Caroline Parent Artist and Art Consultant

What We Do

Deliver site - specific art worth the trip to see and experience.


Caroline Parent Artist and entrepreneur founded Eye Feast Art LLC in 2000. Natural beauty inspires her designing, making and sourcing site-specific art.

Why Site-Specific Art is Important

Our beautiful art in your space/project creates branding, distinction, originality, warmth, the experience of comfort and joy supporting a healing space.  Our site-specific art creates a space people will want to visit = a long-term value.

How We Work

1 - Determine your objectives and budget
2 - Evaluate space *
3 - Present project concepts for approval
4 - Create site specific art
5 - Schedule professional installation of your project

Luminous Product Categories

Legacy Art
Spirituality Art
Sconce Art

*Scale, Size, Color, Shape, Content, Context