Art that transforms spaces

Bring the beauty of nature inside with our dramatic, fused-glass lighting designs that support healthy circadian rhythms, optimize mood and improve sense of well-being. All using innovative and energy efficient LED technology.

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Changing Seasons – St. Joseph Hospital, Nashua, NH Artists: Caroline Parent and Dr. Kathleen Kimball

Luminous Art

LED backlit designs for healthcare facilities, commercial and living spaces inspired by the timeless cycles and beauty of nature. Luminous art works are each unique. Image themes are composed of many shapes, colors, textures, and light reflections resulting in a diverse range of high-impact fine art and accent lighting.

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Multi-layer fused glass, backlit with LED illumination for medical building waiting area, Portsmouth, NH

Luminary Totems

Large, illuminated fused-glass panels on freestanding pedestals are a striking way to bring art to a lobby or entry. They are especially effective when used in groupings—a dramatic representation of renewal, the cyclical nature of life, changing of seasons, and passing of time.

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Fused Glass Wall Panels

Each work of art is unique and custom designed to complement the context and ambiance of a space. Wall panel installations make engaging and inspiring recognition or legacy displays to showcase and honor individuals and contributions that are important to your organization.

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Family Grove (4) 18”x 18” panels, fused glass Executive conference room, Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA

Our Process

We are here to work with you every step of the way, from the very first conversation through planning, creative development and installation. We understand the complexity of projects and our approach is professional yet personal to your needs, goals, and budget.

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