Completion of Dover Courthouse Art Project

“A New Season” luminous totem in the pocket garden of the newly renovated Courthouse apartment building.

Caroline recently completed a public art display as part of the renovation of the former Strafford County Court House in Dover, NH. The renovation was done by Chinburg Properties of Newmarket, NH who have rehabilitated many historic buildings in the region, turning them into successful live/work properties.

Caroline’s art, titled “A New Season,” is a free-standing luminous totem, measuring 88 inches tall and 18 inches wide. With its anodized aluminum frame and cement and steel base, the colorful totem can easily withstand the elements. Fused glass panels, which are illuminated at night, depict a nature theme showcasing the beauty of the four seasons. Caroline also worked with repurposed materials, in this case using recycled plastic and some recycled glass. The totem sits within a pocket garden of native plants and is surrounded by a walkway so both passersby and those entering the building can see it.

Inside the renovated courthouse lobby, Caroline created two custom indoor fused-glass sconces entitled “A New Day” and measuring 6”x42”. The sconces portray a sun rising over the river, creating a warm greeting for those entering the space.

“The totem provides an element of beauty for not only the tenants of the courthouse property but also for passersby,” says Caroline. “My vision for A New Season luminous art totem was proposed to Eric Chinburg and then to the Dover Arts Commission. It was embraced and approved because it is a timeless theme; we all experience seasons of nature and cycles of life. A New Season also celebrates renewal and rebirth, just as the courthouse has been reborn with a new purpose and new vitality.”

See more photos from the project and watch a short video below.